Innovative Solutions

Committed to driving transformation through innovation in the livestock sector in East Africa, we are at the forefront of piloting software application solutions in East Africa such as Uniform Agri,  and Rumen8,  a ration formulation software. As a partner in the NEADAP project we co- developed the Forage Cost Calculator and the Forage Finder.

Realising that controlling feed cost is the major contributor to farm profitability we encourage farmers and other stakeholders to link existing knowledge and technology to benefit farmers in East Africa. For example, we sampled over 300 tropical grasses in Kenya and Uganda to assist AgroCares to help them develop models for their handheld NIRS (Near InfraRed Spectrometer) to analyse the nutritive value of tropical grasses used in livestock farming in East Africa instantly.

We strongly advocate, support and contribute to the realization of transparent quality-based payments systems for feed, milk and meat which lead to fair and safe food systems for farmers.

Together with distributors of improved forage seeds we establish on-farm trial plots of newly introduced forage crops, best practices in soil health, land preparation, harvesting, preservation and utilisation in other words from SEED to FEED to MEAT or MILK.

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