Transforming Livestock Farming in East Africa

Empowering farmers with innovative solutions for sustainable and profitable future.
Looking for Expert Advice in Cattle Husbandry in EA?
Based in Nairobi, Kenya, ProDairy provides comprehensive support to dairy and beef cattle farmers in East Africa, empowering them with the tools, knowledge and skills to run professional, profitable farming operations while prioritizing sustainability every step of way.
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Consultation and Planning

ProDiary schedules initial consultation with clients understand the specific, challenges, and goals in dairy farming or program development.

Customized Solution Development

Based on assessment, ProDiary develops customized solution and recommendation for client, which at include infrastructure design, equipment recommendation, or program development strategies.

Implementation and Follow-Up

ProDiary assist it client in implementing recommend solutions, which of involves coordinating construction project, delivering and installing equipment, or providing training sessions.